Semester 2 Exam Schedule

It is hard to believe that the final month of the school year is upon us. It has been an amazing year with the students taking part in so many wonderful activities and celebrating so many personal achievements.  

Semester 2(week 1) exam schedule is as follows:
Thursday, June 22  Periods 2,3,4 will take place in the morning with Period one exam beginning at 12:20

Friday, June 23 Period 2 exam 
Monday, June 26 period 3 exam
Tuesday, June 27 Period 4 exam
( exam start time is 8:50)

Good Luck and God Bless

Prayer Before a Test

Lord, thank you that you are with me right now 
Your love surpasses all fear 
I give you the anxiety I feel 
I surrender all my worries to you 
Clear my mind 
Calm my heart 
Still my Spirit 
Relax my being 
That I may always glorify you 
In everything I write, speak and do 

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