Uniform Information

Patrick Fogarty Uniform Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The uniform is an important part of our school’s identity, and it reinforces who we are as a community so that students feel pride in their school. It also helps prepare students for workplace environments that have dress codes or uniforms. The uniform ensures all students are treated equally, which is an important element of Patrick Fogarty School culture.

Patrick Fogarty’s sole uniform provider is DGN Kilters. Due to past quality control and customer service issues, for the past 3 years we did not require DGN pants. However, these concerns have been resolved by the vendor and we are reinstating uniform pants. Please note that for September 2019, the following changes are in place:  

  • Uniform pants, shorts and capris must have the school logo
  • The outermost clothing item worn as a top (golf shirt, blouse, dress shirt, t-shirt, rugby shirt, or sweater) must have the school logo
  • A plain white shirt is acceptable under a logo uniform item

Skirts and skorts are not part of the uniform.

If you have any questions regarding the uniform, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

We hope you have a safe and blessed summer.