Curriculum Corner

Ontario Curriculum Infused With Catholic Values

Like all schools in Ontario, Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School uses the Ontario Curriculum documents established by the Ministry of Education to teach your child. However, what makes us unique is that the curriculum taught in our school is also infused with Catholic values. 

Our teachers are called to engage students in a life-long faith journey rooted in the person of Jesus. They nurture spirituality through a Gospel-centred approach to learning in all subjects. Our teachers provide instruction that honours each student’s special gifts, different learning styles and faith journeys. We respect diversity and teach students in ways that recognize their individual potential as uniquely gifted by God.

The Ministry of Education has listed all of the curriculum documents on their website. By visiting their site and viewing the documents, you will get a good sense of the academics your child will be learning in any given grade or subject area, while at our school. 

Secondary Curriculum