Student Services

Student Services at our School

Dates to remember:

Monday, Sept. 22 - Period 2

Grade 12 University Applicant Presentation

Wednesday, Sept. 24 - Period 2
Grade 12 College Applicant Presentation

Wednesday, Sept. 24 - 7 pm
Grade 12 Parent Post-Secondary Presentation

Thursday, Oct. 23, 5:30 - 8 pm
Parent Teacher Interviews

Tuesday, Oct. 1 - 6:30 pm
University Information Program at PF

Wednesday, Jan. 21 - 7 pm
Grade 8 Parent Night

Thursday, Feb. 12 - ALL DAY
Grade 8 Orientation Day

Other Student Services Information

Grade 8 Registration Form

Grade 9 Option Form

Student Handbook

What You Need To Graduate

OELC Permission Form

Parent Teacher Interview Sheet

OSSLT Transportation Letter

OSSLT Tests and Scoring Materials

OSSLT Extra Help Letter

Complete My Option Sheet
  • username: SMC-6 digit student #
  • password: postal code (including the space)
  • QuickTipSheet.pdf

Grade 12 Post-Secondary Parent Presentation Slides (Sept 24)

PF University Planning Guide

University Pathways Planning Resource

PF College Planning Guide

iPlan Course of Study Book

Patrick Fogarty School Letter

Community Service Hours Form
(Also available in Student Services Office)

Community Service
(Information Orillia)

Report Card Guide for Parents

Career Cruising